Welcome to Fileforge

Fileforge is an API for PDF document workflows.
Fileforge enables developers to perform any PDF task like generation, form filling, digital signature and more. Our open-source library helps developers build complex documents that integrate with our API and external services to build document-centric workflows.
Here you’ll find resources and guides for the Fileforge API and open-source React library for PDF generation: react-print.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you need assisance.


Before using the FileforgeClient, ensure you have the necessary dependencies installed. You can install the required packages using npm or yarn:

1npm install @fileforge/client


1yarn add @fileforge/client


Importing the Client

First, import the necessary modules from the fileforge package.

Instantiating the Client

To instantiate the FileforgeClient, you need to provide your API key and optionally specify the environment. To retrieve your API key, check this out: Authenticating.

1import { FileforgeClient } from '@fileforge/client';
3const ff = new FileforgeClient({
4 apiKey: () => 'YOUR_API_KEY',
7await ff.getStatus();

⚡️ Fast Set Up

Clone this repository ⬇️


Clone our dev-local repository and follow the instructions in the readMe to get started quickly.

dev-local view

Using dev-local

We recommed splitting your editor into two windows, one for the code and the other for the PDF viewing integration.

Official API Clients

Fileforge maintains official API clients for Python, Node/Typescript, and Go. We recommend using these clients to interact with all stable endpoints. You can find them here:

Useful resources